Lynn Alexander (b.1973, Northport, NY) is now a bicycle riding, yoga attempting, renewing and returning urbanite, crossword puzzle (almost) finishing, karateka, community meddler, parent, doer of important and busy-making things, writer, artist, poet, performer of poorly conceived impromptu microtheaters, wanna-be Food Network star, failed short film maker, doodler of zentangles,  and sometimes lucky photographer with efforts dramatically improved by apps and filter effects… Approaching (achieved?) middle age now with fond memories of xerox, zines, and mix tapes, she is also an independent producer of print publications and web content and has run a small press and distro for years at an appalling financial deficit…Edited content for small press fiction and poetry journals, contributed articles and columns, hosted radio shows, once won a prize for cookies.   Co-founder of an annual poetry and music festival in the bay area, hosting curator for events and lit crawls, doing what she can to promote the sharing of poetry and performance art.  See? She has poetry, fiction, reviews, and interviews scattered around and swears that one day she will organize it but as you can see from this website- that probably won’t happen.

If you want art or some poems or one of her intriguing dark black and white moody postcards to depress your coworkers, just ask. She has a few hundred of them… not wanting to flood the fine art market… keeping the price high for the fans. She loves you like that.

To save you the trouble: Yes,there are black and white bird photographs and yes, she likes high contrast selfies that hide her wrinkles and yes, you will remember that when you meet her on the street.  Want to meet? Let’s do something. Bring your kids or Grandma or case worker to what will soon be known as her LEGENDARY patio hotspot. If you want to bring a guitar and jam in the subterranean speakeasy, that works on first Fridays.

Where were we? Right. Listing things that will remind you that she is interesting, intellectual, hip, cool, and never does laundry or steps on Legos* or drags at a J-O-B.  She has unused degrees just like you and unfinished masterpieces just like you and lies about her favorite books just like you because she really reads books about muskrats. She didn’t finish “Infinite Jest” but suspects that you didn’t either.

[* Is the the plural of legos “lego”? Legos?  (link) She also looks up random factoids before bed. This website has a debate. ]

Lynn also creates jewelry, decor, and other items as part of a local arts co-op and appreciates the fact that the people that used to call her trash treasures “disgusting” and explain that items “were thrown away for a reason!” are now into “upcycling”. It sure makes the sales pitch easier.  She prefers to think she was just ahead of her time.



– Literary Underground Wiki

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